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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Inch Arran Point Range Front Lighthouse, Dalhousie, New Brunswick

The Inch Arran Point Range Front Lighthouse is located on a point of land at the Northeast corner of the Province of New Brunswick in the town of Dalhousie. The point of land is on Chaleur Bay just to the East of the mouth of the Restigouch River. The light is an 11 metre tall wood tower with gallery. Date of construction is not certain, but there has been a light station at this point since 1870 and this lighthouse is believed to have been first constructed around that time. Up until 1972 this was an independent light, however in 1972 a second light was established to the West of this location and this light became the Range Front Lighthouse. My photos unfortunately do not show the vertical red strip that is on the water side of the lighthouse. When I was at the site, I noted that the city is currently improving the area around the lighthouse and appears to be constructing a large sundial in front of the lighthouse entrance. Photos taken in October 2017.

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