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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Southwest Head Lighthouse, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick

The Southwest Head Lighthouse sits atop a high cliff at the Southwest tip of Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy. A station was originally established at this point around 1880, and the current lighthouse dates to 1989. The cliffs around the light are very impressive. Beside the lighthouse sits a tall pyramidal steel communications tower.  Photographs taken in August 2014.

Long Eddy Point Lighthouse, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswich

The Long Eddy Point Lighthouse sits on a high bluff at the North tip of Grand Manan Island on the Bay of Fundy, a short distance Northeast of the village of Grand Manan.  A fog whistle was established at the site in 1874 and the current lighthouse and fog signal date to 1966. It is a square building with an attached concrete tower.  The light remains active.  The station was often referred to as "the whistle" and the lighthouse is also known as the Whistle Light.  Photographs taken in August 2014.

Swallowtail Lighthouse, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick

As you arrive on Grand Manan Island on the ferry from Black's Harbour on the New Brunswick mainland, you will pass the impressive Swallowtail lighthouse on the North Head bluff, just North of the village of Grand Manan on the island. This light was built in 1860 and the station consists of the 53 foot high wooden tower and a two storey keeper's quarters and a boathouse. The light remains active and has a fog signal which is often used for the frequent fogs that envelope the Bay of Fundy. The light station has become a tourist attraction for the village and tours up to the gallery are available.  Photos were taken in August 2014.

North Rustico Harbour Lighthouse, North Rustico, Prince Edward Island - Revisited.

 I first visited the North Rustico Harbour Lighthouse, PEI sixteen years ago and when I started my blog, it was one of the early posts. Unfortunately I did not include much detail. I revisited the light and took some new photos in July 2014.  This light was built in 1876 and sits in the harbour at the town of North Rustico on the North shore of PEI. The light has been relocated twice since its construction due to storms and damage. North Rustico is not far from the tourist area of Cavendish which is famous for the Ann of Green Gables books.

Prim Point Lighthouse, Point Prim, Prince Edward Island - Revisited

In my first blog post about the Prim Point Lighthouse, PEI I included very little detail. I revisited the light after 16 years and took some photos which I include here.  This light was built in 1845 and was the first lighthouse constructed on Prince Edward Island. It sits at Point Prim on the South shore of PEI on the Northumberland Strait. It is East of the capital city of Charlottetown. It is a round brick structure and the only one of its kind on the island and one of only a few such lights in Canada.  The light is open to the public and you can climb to the gallery on a tour. These photos taken in July 2014.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Port Borden Range Front Lighthouse, Port Borden, Prince Edward Island

The Port Borden Range Front Lighthouse dates to 1917 and was deactivated in 1997 when the Confederation Bridge opened. It is located in the town of Port Borden across the harbour from the Port Borden Pier Lighthouse (as shown in the top photo).  Photos taken in July 2014.

Port Borden Range Rear Lighthouse, Port Borden, Prince Edward Island

The Port Borden Range Rear Lighthouse currently sits near the Confederation Bridge to the West of the Port Borden Pier where the ferry formerly docked prior to the completion of the bridge in 1997. The Lighthouse which dates to 1917 was deactivated in 1997 and later moved to the current location across the small harbour from where it formerly sat. It is now part of the Borden-Carlton Marine Rail Historical Park. There is a small museum nearby with information on the area and the construction of the bridge. Photos taken in July 2014.

Port Borden Pier Lighthouse, Port Borden, Prince Edward Island

The Port Borden Pier Lighthouse is one of three lights in close proximity in Port Borden which is the Prince Edward Island terminus of the Confederation Bridge. The Port Borden Pier was originally the Prince Edward Island terminal for a ferry from Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick before the bridge was constructed.  The light was established at the end of the pier in 1925. The light remains active. The lighthouse itself when photographed in July 2014 appears in need of some refurbishing.

Wrights Range Rear Lighthouse, Victoria, Prince Edward Island

The Wrights Range Rear Lighthouse is found just West of the village of Victoria, Prince Edward Island on the South shore of the island. The light dates to 1894 however was deactivated in 2011. It is on private property and the property owners appear to keep it well maintained.  There are signs indicating no trespassing, however the light can be viewed from the adjacent Beach Road. Photos taken in July 2014.

Leards Range Front Lighthouse, Victoria, Prince Edward Island

The Leards Range Front Lighthouse is located adjacent to the small harbour at the village of Victoria, PEI. It was built in 1879 and has been inactive since 2011 and is now a tourist attraction for the village which has many unique shops and heritage homes. Victoria is located on the South shore of the island between the Confederation Bridge and Charlottetown. The tower is usually open, however was closed on the day I visited. Photos taken in July 2014.

Blockhouse Point Lightstation, Rocky Point, Prince Edward Island

The Blockhouse Point Lightstation is the second oldest lighthouse on the island of PEI. It sits on a bluff above the Northumberland Strait on the West side of the channel leading into the Charlottetown Harbour. It is just South of the Fort Amherst/Point La Joye National Historic Site and the two Warren Cove range lights. The tower is attached to a two storey keeper's quarters. The lighthouse was constructed in 1876 but the station was established in 1846. Photos were taken July 2014.