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Monday, June 21, 2010

Pole Passage, Orcas Island, Washington

These photos taken in June 2010 show a current aid to navigation that is located on the tip of Orcas Island at Pole Pass. Pole Pass separates the San Juan Channel from Wasp Passage. It is purported that the first ever light in the San Juan Islands (a pole with a lamp) was established at the spot of the current aid to navigation.

East Point Light, Saturna Island, B.C.

The East Point Light is located on the far Eastern tip of Saturna Island, one of British Columbia's beautiful Gulf Islands. It sits across Boundary Passage from the Patos Island Light in Washington's San Juan Islands. The station was established on the site in 1888. The original lighthouse was replaced by a steel tower in 1948 and the station was destaffed in 1966. Photos taken in June 2010.

Patos Island Lighthouse, Patos Island, Washington

The Patos Island Lighthouse on Patos Island in the Washington State San Juan Islands is the only wood construction lighthouse in Washington. The station was originally established in 1893 and the lighthouse constructed in 1908. The light was automated in 1974. The tower has two red panels which warn sailors of dangerous shoals in the area. The island is now Patos Island State Park. The Lighthouse was recently refurbished and is maintained by the Keepers of the Patos Light. The photos were taken in June 2010.

Turn Point Light, Stuart Island, Washington

Located on the Northwest corner of Stuart Island in the San Juan Islands, the Turn Point Lighth sits across the Haro Strait from B.C.'s Pender Island. This station was established in 1893 and was originally a lamp on a post and a fog signal. the Current light tower was constructed in 1936. There is a beautiful keeper's house on the site. Photographs taken in June 2010.

Lighthouses and Orcas

On Sunday June 20, 2010 I was treated to a Lighthouse and Whale Watching tour of the San Juan Islands in honor of Father's Day and my Birthday. My wife and son arranged for a cruise with Orcas Island Eclipse Charters aboard the 56' M.V. Orcas Express. Captain Dan and his staff took us on a wonderful 64 nautical mile cruise of the San Juan Islands, passing 5 lighthouses (Cattle Point, Lime Kiln, Turn Point and Patos Island in Washington's San Juan's, and East Point Light on Saturna Island in the adjacent British Columbia Gulf Islands). We also passed through Pole Passage which is purported to be the location of the first light (a lamp on a pole) in the San Juan Islands. As a bonus, we had the good fortune to see numerous Orcas (Killer Whales) at several points along the route, the staff identifying members of all three resident pods (J, K and L pods). The trip was a great experience and I would highly recommend Eclipse Charters, especially their Lighthouse Tours for fellow lighthouse lovers. Information on the trips can be found at San Juan Islands Lighthouse Tours or at the Orcas Island Eclipse Charters website. I have included a collage of some of the lighthouse photos I took during the cruise as well as a shot of some of the "locals". More detail on the new lighthouses I photographed on this trip will be provided in separate posts.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Not a Lighthouse, but...

Ok, so this is not a real lighthouse. But it is a pub that looks like a lighthouse and that can't be all bad can it? It is the Village Taphouse in the Park Royal Village in West Vancouver, B.C. The faux lighthouse at the building is typical of the salt box Canadian style lighthouses found in Eastern Canada. Plus it is a great place to have a beer and a bite to eat.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Suomenlinna (Sveaborg) Light, Finland

When I took this photo in June 2009 I did not realize that there was a light in the tower of this beautiful church. This light, also known as the Harmaja Range Rear light is in the tower of the Church of Suomenlinna on the Island of Suomenlinna which is located Southeast of Helsinki, Finland. The church is a Luthern church. The light was established in 1929.