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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Campbelton Rear Range Lighthouse, Campbelton, New Brunswick

The Campbelton Rear Range Lighthouse is located in the town of Campbelton, New Brunswick, on the shore of Chaleur Bay. It sits East of the Van Horn Bridge that links New Brunswick to the Gaspe region of Quebec. A light was established at this location in 1879, however the current lighthouse dates to 1985 when the current building was built around the then existing steel skeletal tower. The light was deactivated for a time commencing in 2013 but has since been reactivated. The structure is a 15 1/2 metre tall wooden tower surrounding the steel skeletal tower. A 1 1/2 story building is attached to the tower and it serves as a youth hostel. Photos taken in October 2017. 

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