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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Duncansby Head Lighthouse, Scotland

This lighthouse is located at the far Northern tip of the East coast of Scotland at the Southeast entrance to Pentland Firth. Pentland Firth separates the mainland from the Orkney Islands. The light was established in 1924 and sits atop a high cliff overlooking the firth. This distant view was taken in May 2009.

Pentland Skerries Lights, Scotland

Established in 1794 these lights are on the Pentland Skerries, small rocky islands at the East entrance to Pentland Firth, North of Duncansby Head, Scotland. The two lights were rebuilt between 1821 and 1830. The taller one is Pentland Skerries High and the shorter is Pentland Skerries Low. In 1941 during WWII these lights were machine gunned by the enemy. This distant view was taken in May 2009.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hoad Monument, Ulverston, England

Hoad Monument (also known as Hoad Tower and Sir John Barrow Monument) sits atop Hoad Hill in Ulverston, England. It was built in 1850 as a monument to Sir John Barrow (1764 - 1848). The monument is a replica of the 3rd Eddystone Lighthouse. Sir John Barrow was Second Secretary of the Admiralty and also one of the founders of the Royal Geographic Society. Photo taken in May 2009.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Romer Shoal Lighthouse, New Jersey

This light is located 4 km N of Sandy Hook, New Jersey. It is on the approach to New York Harbour. The current light was built in 1898 and was automated in 1966. Currently the Coast Guard are making efforts to scrap the light. This fairly distant view was taken in April 2010.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Gibb's Hill Lighthouse, Southhampton Parish, Bermuda

The Gibb's Hill Lighthouse is situated in Southhampton Parish on the South West part of the island of Bermuda. It sits on one of the highest points of land on the island and climbing the 354' tower affords wonderful views (top left photo). The light was constructed in 1846 and is the second oldest cast iron lighthouse in the Americas. On the grounds can be seen the weathervane that was originally atop the light but was removed in 1988 and replaced by a radar scanner (top right photo). The lighthouse is one of the island's most popular tourist attractions and houses a restaurant/tea room and gift shop. There is a nominal fee to climb the tower, but it is well worth it. Photos taken in April 2010.

St. David's Lighthouse, St. David's, Bermuda

The St. David's Lighthouse sit atop a hill in the St. David's area near the North East tip of the Island of Bermuda. It was Established in 1879. It is open daily and the tower affords great views of the island (as can be seen in the middle photograph). Photos taken in April 2010.

Robbin's Reef Lighthouse, Bayonne, New Jersey

The Robbin's Reef Lighthouse is located in New York Harbour near the Liberty Port cruise ship terminal in Bayonne, New Jersey. It sits South West of the Statue of Liberty and can be viewed from the Staten Island Ferry. The light was built in 1883 and was designated surplus in 2009 by the Coast Guard. It is also known as Kate's Light in honour of Kate Walker who was the lightkeeper there from 1894 to 1919. Photos were taken in April 2010.

Titanic Memorial Light, New York City, New York

This light was orignially mounted atop the Seaman's Church Institute on South Street in New York in 1913. It was built as a memorial to the lives of those lost in the Titanic disaster. In 1976 it was removed from the building and brought to its current location at the South Street Seaport complex on Fulton Street. When photographed in April 2010 it appeared to be undergoing renovations and the area around the base was fenced off.

Lightship Ambrose, New York City, New York

The Lightship Ambrose (LV87 - WAL 312) is currently moored at the South Street Seaport which is located on the East River just South of the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan. It was built in 1907 and originally stationed at Ambrose Channel, New York. It also was stationed in New Jersey and Mass. Photos taken in April 2010.

Jeffrey's Hook Lighthouse, New York City, New York

This light, known as the Little Red Lighthouse, sits nestled under the George Washington Bridge in Henry Hudson Park in the Washington Heights area of New York City. It was built in 1921 and decomissioned in 1932. It is the last surviving lighthouse on Manhattan Island. The light was immortalized in the children's book 'The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Grey Bridge' written by Hildegarde H. Swift and published in 1942. The light is easily accessable by a short walk from the 181st St. subway station. Photos taken April 2010.