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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Walney Lighthouse, Walney Island, England

Established in 1804, this light sits at the South tip of Walney Island near Barrow In Furness, on the English West Coast. Photos taken in May 2009.


  1. The first light was built in 1790 - a wooden structure that burnt down in 1803 (thanks to the parafifin lamp). It was rebuilt in stone in 1804

  2. Thanks for the info. Cheers, Neal

  3. Small world!
    Have just discovered my gt-gt-gt-gt-grandfather Joseph Geldart was a lighthouse keeper on Walney Island in the 1800s, as were several sons that followed him.
    Am still trying to find out their exact years of service (if anyone can help at all!)

    PhilBee, Auckland, NZ