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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gibralter Point Lighthouse, Toronto Island, Toronto, Ontario

Also called "The Lake Light" this beautiful lighthouse sits on Toronto Island on Lake Ontario at Toronto, Ontario. Built in 1808 it was one of the earliest lights on the Great Lakes, is the oldest surviving light on the Great Lakes and the second oldest surviving lighthouse in Canada. It was Decommissioned in 1957. It once was only a few metres away from the shore, but shifting currents moved it further inland over the years. It is now maintained by the Metro Toronto Parks Department. The plaque on the building speaks of its reputation as being haunted because of the mysterious disappearance of the first lightkeeper. Photos taken in June 2009.


  1. Grampa, maybe the wind blew the door open? It was locked when we saw it and we couldn't go in. Or, maybe you are that strong that you could pull it open? Love Elijah and Jeremy

  2. Actually they were painting the lighthouse the day I was there, so the door was open for that.