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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

South Stack Lighthouse, Holy Head, Anglesey, Wales

The South Stack Lighthouse is situated on South Stack Rock (Ynys Lawd) a small island on the Western tip of Anglesey in Northern Wales near the town of Holy Head. This lighthouse was constructed in 1809 and is still active. It was automated in 1984.  To reach the lighthouse, which is open to the public, one must descend 400 steps to the island. The trek is well worth it as the staff at the lighthouse are friendly and informative about the history of the light as well as the area.  The view from the top of the 91' tower is impressive.  The area is also popular for viewing the colonies of sea birds (puffin, guillemot, rasorbills, etc.) and the nearby Ellin's Tower is open for bird watching.  Photos were taken in March 2013.

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