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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lighthouses Close To Home - Vancouver City Lights, Vancouver, B.C.

City Lights: Living Near Vancouver, British Columbia, I thought I would commence my blog with the lighthouses that are in and around the city.Perhaps the two most visited city lights are the ones in Stanley Park. As you walk around the seawall, you will find Brockton Point and Prospect Point. The Brockton Point Lighthouse (left) was established in 1902 and then rebuilt in 1914 , adding a walkway underneath for pedestrians. The Prospect Point Light (right) sits under the Lions Gate Bridge.

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  1. I look forward to more lighthouse photos as you are able. I just bought a 2nd hand book the other day of California lighthouses. Beacons of warning and welcome, lighthouses are special. For a start, they're always in great locations for coast lovers. They're historically and structurally interesting, and special in their actual purpose as well their symbolic potential. I like how you included some history, it makes it more interesting. I'm not sure where "close to home is" and you may find you'll have viewers from all over the globe, so be sure and orient us! Thank you.