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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Pointe-à- la-Renommée Lighthouse L'Anse à Valleau, Quebec

The Pointe-à- la-Renommée Lighthouse is located on a cliff at the end of a point of land overlooking the Saint Lawrence in the Gaspe region of Quebec. It is at a location where the Gulf of Saint Lawrence begins to narrow to become the Saint Lawrence River. The Lighthouse is found 5 kilometres to the West of the village of L'Anse à Valleau. The site is also the site of an early Marconi (radio) station dating to 1904. The lighthouse itself dates to 1907 and has been inactive since 1975. In 1977 it was dismantled and removed and later reassembled in Quebec City near the Coast Guard Station. It was returned to its original site at Pointe-à- la-Renommée in 1997. The light consists of a 15 metre round cast iron tower and adjacent keepers house. the Marconi station is located directly to the West of the tower. It is open to the public in season however when I visited in early October 2017 only the grounds were open. Photos taken in October 2017.

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