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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Pointe-au-Père Lighthouse, Rimouski, Quebec

The Pointe-Au-Père Lighthouse is located just East of the city of Rimouski, Quebec on the Saint Lawrence River in the Bas-Saint-Laurent area of Quebec. The area is a National Historic Site and adjacent to the lighthouse is a museum dedicated to the ship Empress of Ireland whose sinking in 1914 remains the worst maritime disaster in Canadian history. There is also the adjacent, the HMCS Onondaga, a decommissioned 90 metre submarine. Also nearby is Hanger 14 with exhibits on what life was like in Quebec in 1914. The light itself is a concrete tower with eight buttresses, topped by a metal gallery and light.  The light is 33 metres tall (108 feet) and is one of the tallest lights in Canada. A light station was established on this site in 1859 and this tower dates to 1909. The light has been inactive since 1975 when it was replaced by a skeletal tower (which can be seen in the bottom two photos). That light is also now inactive. Photos taken in September 2017.

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