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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Michigan City East Pierhead Lighthouse, Michigan City, Indiana

This light was built in 1904 replacing a previous wooden light that established on the site in 1871. It sits at the end of a long concrete pier near Washington Park in Michigan City, Indiana. There is a popular beach adjacent to the pier. The light is somewhat unique in that there is a steel catwalk that starts at the foot of the pier and travels out to the lighthouse. This cat walk enabled the keepers to more easily access the light during very stormy weather. In 2007 the lighthouse was deemed excess by the Coast Guard and was taken over by Michigan City. Just north of the light is a large nuclear power generating station. When I visited the light in June 2011 I found it in need of some sprucing up as the paint was worn and there was an abundance of graffiti, especially on the lake side of the light.

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