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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, Cannon Beach, Oregon

The Tillamook Rock Lighthouse sits atop Tillamook Rock approximately one mile from Ecola State Park, just North of Cannon Beach, Oregon. Construction of the lighthouse commenced in 1879 and took 525 days to build due to the trecherous weather conditions. It was lit for the first time in January 1881. Over the years it became known as "Terrible Tilly" due to the severe weather conditions that the lighthouse and it's keepers had to endure. During a storm in October 1934 a boulder was tossed into the lantern room by the sea and smashed the Fresnel lens.  The light was decomissioned and turned off in 1957 replaced by a whistle bouy one mile further offshore. Since then the lighthouse has changed hands several times, the most recent owners converting it to a columbarium called "The Eternity at Sea Columbarium" however only a small number of ashes have been placed on the rock to date.  Photos taken in June 2012.

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