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Monday, October 4, 2010

Port Colborne Inner Lighthouse, Port Colborne, Ontario

This light is located on the North East end of one of the two breakwalls adjacent to Sugarloaf Bay (formerly Gravelly Bay) on Lake Erie in Port Colborne, Ontario. It marks the South entrance to the Welland Canal, which joins Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. It was established in 1903 and is active. The proximity to the Port Colborne Outer Light is shown in the top photo. The photos were taken in October 2010 (both distant views). As I grew up in Port Colborne (many years ago), I am sad to report that although I spent many hours fishing near these lights, I never once took a photograph way back when. I hope to get back in the not too distant future and get out by boat and take better photos of both lights.


  1. Wonderful colors! I suspect you took internal pictures of your boyhood lighthouse....and you've been developing them all along...

  2. I think you may be onto something. Thank you. Cheers, Neal