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Monday, January 11, 2010

Smeaton's Tower, Plymouth, England

Another light that I photographed in September 1996 is Smeaton's Tower in Plymouth, England. This tower was originally the Eddystone Lighthouse and was built in 1759. It has been inactive since 1882 when it was replaced by the new Eddystone Lighthouse. Two-thirds of the original tower was saved and reassembled in Plymouth where it sits today. It is located in a park, the Plymouth Hoe, overlooking the town. You will note that in my photos the lantern portion of the tower is red, however it has since been painted white.


  1. By my reckoning, I was last there in around 1971, when I was 10, never thought of it since, but the red and white stripes do have a familiar feel to them.
    Plymouth Hoe was of course where Francis Drake was supposed to have played bowls before facing the Spanish Armada.

  2. Thanks.. great little bit of history that I had missed, Cheers!