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Monday, November 15, 2010

Willems Toren Lighthouse, Bonaire

The Willems Toren Lighthouse (also known as Lacre Punt Light) is located at the Southern tip of the island of Bonaire. It is south of the three sets of slave huts and the salt production facilities on the Southern part of the island. The lighthouse was established in 1837 and is well maintained. The nearby remains of the stone walled keepers house (in the left side bottom photo) are not in as good condition. The area is quite beautiful in its desolation. I visited and photographed the light in November 2010 and had the good fortune to be driven there by a very friendly cab driver (Cecil - Taxi #3) who had a wealth of knowledge about the island and its history.


  1. Wow! Is this lighthouse huge, or is it because of the perspective of distance to the keepers building?

    1. It is because of the perspective. It is not that big. Cheers